Step it up this summer with our programs for individuals or group

  • A super exciting group program centered around fun, theme-based summer activities

  • Designed to focus on listening, following directions, oral language, and social skills through play.

  • Targets gross/fine motor skills and sensory exploration through music, art, books, pretend play and sensory exploration.

  • Individualized refinement of articulation skills as needed.

  • Two-hour sessions are offered two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in July (tentative - call for more information). Parents learn new techniques and fun activities to try at home.


Language for Littles (ages 2-4 yrs.):
Social Scouts (Ages 5 - 8 yrs.)

A special program including elements of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking™ designed specifically for 5- to 8-year-olds, addressing:


  • Social Communication

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Conversational Dynamics

  • Play Skills

  • Friendship Building

We hope to be able to offer this program in July and are also considering offering additional sessions in the fall.

Cool Cognition

Change your communication skills and build relationships at school, home, and in the community. Group hangout full of highly interactive fun and age appropriate cognitive training.


With Cool Cognition…

  • Learn voice projection and speech clarity

  • Overcome communication breakdowns

  • Understand conversational dynamics

  • Elevate social awareness and understand others’ perspectives

  • Practice life skills that give confidence, improve friendships, overall happiness, and more

Sessions available for middle school and high school students. We hope to be able to offer this program in July and are also considering offering additional sessions in the fall.

Executive Functioning:

(Individual Sessions, only)

Executive Functioning is a term that describes the many necessary mental tasks our brains perform to think, take action, and problem solve. Executive Functioning includes tasks that help us learn new information, recall and retrieve information we have learned in the past by utilizing working memory, and apply this information to solve problems. Students with learning differences and disorders such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder typically have difficulty in the area of Executive Functioning. Designed for ages 6 and older.

Call us at 713-785-6760 with your questions and to begin the registration process.


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