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Notice of Information Practices and Privacy Statement


How We Collect Information About You: Speech & Language Remediation Center (SLRC) and its employees collect data through a variety of means including but not necessarily limited to letters, phone calls, emails, voicemails, text messages, submitted paperwork, and through interviews and other interactions in our clinic.


What We Do Not Do With Your Information: Information about your financial situation and medical conditions and care that you provide to us in writing, via email, on the phone (including information left on voicemails), contained in or attached to applications, or directly or indirectly given to us, is held in strictest confidence. We do not give out, exchange, barter, rent, sell, lend, or disseminate any information about clients who inquire regarding or actually receive our services that is considered patient confidential, is restricted by law, or has been specifically restricted by a patient/client in a signed consent form. We will never sell, trade or rent for marketing purposes, your personal information with third parties without your consent.

We may send generic information regarding our upcoming programs through a secure third party client. You may opt out of these communications at any time either in writing or verbally.

How We Do Use Your Information: Information is used only as is reasonably necessary to provide you with services which may require communication between SLRC and health care providers, insurance companies, schools, and other agencies necessary to: verify your medical information is accurate; or determine the type of services you need including, but not limited to: diagnostic services, remedial
intervention, speech and language therapy, or academic tutoring. We may disclose your or your child’s information to other health care or educational professionals, or require information from them if it is necessary in the context of your child’s assessment and therapy. Disclosure will not be made without your prior consent. If you have any queries or concerns about our handling of your health information, please do not hesitate to to raise these concerns with our practice.

SLRC will take reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information which we hold. Personal information is stored in a secure server or secure files in order to protect your information from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, and unlawful or accidental destruction.

If you initiate services or attempt to initiate services to receive assistance through us and provide information with the intent or purpose of fraud, or that results in either an actual crime of fraud for any reason including willful or un-willful acts of negligence whether intended or not, or in any way demonstrates or indicates attempted fraud, your non-medical information can be given to legal authorities including police, investigators, courts, and/or attorneys or other legal professionals, as well as any other information as permitted by law.


SLRC may be required by law to provide information to authorities pertaining to judicial and administrative proceedings, or for law enforcement purposes.

Limited Right to Use Non-Identifying Personal Information From Biographies, Letters, Notes, and Other Sources: Any pictures, stories, letters, biographies, correspondence, or thank you notes sent to us become the exclusive property of SLRC. We reserve the right to use non-identifying information about our clients (those who receive services or goods from or through us) for promotional purposes that are directly related to our practice. Clients will not be compensated for use of this information and no identifying information (photos, addresses, phone numbers, contact information, last names or uniquely identifiable names) will be used without client’s express advance permission.


You may specifically request that NO information be used whatsoever for promotional purposes, but you must identify any requested restrictions in writing. We respect your right to privacy and assure you no identifying information or photos that you send to us will ever be publicly used without your direct or indirect consent.

Website Cookies: Our website ( uses cookies for purposes such as: to collect analytic information regarding your visit (pages clicked, time spent on page, IP address, etc.), to improve function of our website, to inform visitors of our cookie use, to connect to our Facebook page, and to provide the ability to email us directly from the website. You can use your browser settings to accept or reject new cookies and to delete existing cookies. You can also set your browser to notify you each time new cookies are placed on your computer or other device. You can find more detailed information about how you can manage cookies through your browser’s help function. If you choose to disable some or all cookies, you may not be able to make full use of our website.

Facebook Information: SLRC currently maintains a Facebook business page for our practice. Please note that interacting with us through Facebook will use Facebook’s privacy policy as a standard of privacy. As we cannot guarantee that this privacy policy will be secure, we ask that you do not use any aspect of Facebook to share personal or confidential information with us. SLRC strives to keep the information on Facebook non-specific to any individual by never using names of clients or their family members in our posts, and any photos used on the site will be used anonymously and only after receiving permission from the client in question or their parent or guardian to share photos of our programs involving them.


Version Created: 5/2019  Speech & Language Remediation Center, Inc.

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