SLRC Client Portal Opens August 15th, 2019

We’re very excited to announce that beginning August 15th, 2019, Speech and Language Remediation Center will be activating its new client portal. This portal will provide a secure communication platform between you and your clinician to discuss potentially sensitive information, share reports and documentation regarding your child, and send and receive urgent messages when needed.


Features of the SLRC Client Portal:

  • Send secure messages and documents to your clinician, and receive therapy updates and reports safely from them


  • Send urgent alerts between clinicians and clients that will notify you by text (running late, cancellations, or other time sensitive issues)


  • Receive notifications of new messages in your regular email or text message inbox


  • Check your appointment schedule at any time


Email invitations to join the SLRC Client Portal will go out on August 15th, 2019 from, our portal provider (or go to our portal page to register).  At that time, all communications containing potentially sensitive or protected information will go through the portal. If you decline to set up an account, sensitive communications will be through phone calls, face-to-face, or mail communications only. Please let us know of any questions or concerns you have.

Thank you for coming along with us as we strive to make our clinic more secure!

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